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for the series thing: because I feel like I already know the answers to most of the shows we share, and because you recently liked some Kalinda posts and in doing so reminded me you watched this show (DIANE. how could I forget your Diane feels): The Good Wife

❤ Favorite Male: Will Gardner
❤ Favorite Female: ALL OF THEM
Favorite Pairing: Kalinda/happiness
❤ Least Favorite Character: Peter Florrick >:( No, wait, THE MOTHER *hissing noises* because she defends the douchecanoe aka Peter
❤ who’s most like me: buddytv saaayyys:

My face is almost literally like :O
❤ most attractive: Alicia’s eyebrow game is too on point to say someone else.
❤ three more characters that I like: Diane (deserves too mentions), there are moments for Eli, Cary, and the children, so those four even out to two.

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What’s your beef with Riker? Data is my least favorite.

He just seems really smug to me, and I don’t respond well to that.  He’s a great officer, but walking around like you know everything is irritating to me.

DATA.  I loved him early on, but I just became exhausted by the “I wish I were human” plot.  (It’s so overdone, lbr.)  I understand the point, but I feel that the show is supposed to support all life forms as valid, and a lot of the time it was like Data was being encouraged to feel badly about himself, that he was insufficient.  Anyway, he got on my nerves later on.  Why don’t you like him?